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A Good Day Turned Bad: Presenting Fundraising Data to a Client

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Has this ever happened to you? You’ve spent days, maybe even weeks, perfecting a client’s end of year fundraising report. You’ve pulled together email data, fundraising data, Facebook, Adwords and other acquisition data. You’ve analyzed the numbers backwards and forwards, you’ve put together takeaways and recommendations for your client. You’re READY to present the report […]

The Bots You Don’t See

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You may have heard that at Frakture, we have a lot of bots. Good bots. And you’d be right – we add a new system bot about once a month, and we are continuously teaching old bots new tricks (like merging duplicates, uploading groups, etc). The spotlights shine on our system bots, those daring collections […]

Beyond Spreadsheets

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The ubiquitous magic of spreadsheets has a way of infiltrating operations because they’re just so darn handy. But their propensity to multiply ungoverned for many little tasks makes them liable to bury one like the sorcerer’s apprentice when they’re needed in tandem. How did our ads do in Q2, the board asks, and a hundred ad […]

The Humans are Hiring a Bot Deployment Specialist

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Frakture, Inc., is hiring a Bot Deployment Specialist to help our clientele of nonprofits and agencies solve cutting-edge data challenges. If you’ve got some familiarity with nonprofit software systems and databases, you might just be the perfect person to join our team! Frakture is a small and nimble technology firm which helps NGOs become nimbler, […]

Why point-to-point integrations suck

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Our Bots do a lot of pulling and pushing data around, and there’s one rule we learned pretty quickly: Point-to-point (P2P) integrations suck. For a while we thought it was because we just weren’t smart enough, or good enough, or gosh darn it, people didn’t like us. After some Bot-assisted therapy (don’t ask), though, we […]

SOS Automation

Case Study: SOS Children’s Villages Automating Segments and Facebook Custom Audiences

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Summary: The non-profit SOS Children’s Villages wanted to build an email welcome series for its’ supporters, but technical issues and cost had always gotten in the way. With Frakture’s help they are now following best practices in digital communications and able to immediately communicate with new supporters interested in their work. Background: SOS Children’s Villages […]

Four ways LuminateBot supercharges your CRM

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The revolutionary possibilities for automation ought not distract from their palpable everyday benefits. Robots’ broad chrome shoulders will not disdain the burden of minor everyday CRM management tasks that drain hours from the overtaxed NGO’s weeks and color from its staffers’ hair, and their talent for uncomplaining repetitive tasks can turn the impossible into the indispensable. LuminateBot […]

You Are Smart!

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You rocked that project! You are really good at your job! You are amazing!  It feels so good to get a compliment. Have you given any out today? If not, we would love you to give one to us by voting for Frakture’s proposed panels at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans! Voting […]


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