Nov 2, 2023

“Cookiepocalypse” News RoundUp

By now we’re all aware that the phase-out of third-party cookies is set to be complete next year. Stay up to date with our “Cookiepocalypse” News RoundUp where we’ll share the latest news related to the phase out of third-party cookies and how the industry is adapting to the coming change. Website Tags Are Your New (And Old) Best Friend [Ad Exchanger] You know the movie trope that involves a makeover scene during which the so-called nerdy girl takes off her glasses for the first time, lets her hair down (or pushes it back from her face) and becomes suddenly beautiful? Tag management is that so-called nerdy girl. The Evolution Of Retail Media Networks: The First-Party Data Revolution [Forbes] In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, retail media networks (RMNs) are emerging as a shining beacon for both brands seeking to make an impact and retailers eager to monetize their platforms. Despite the challenges, RMNs are expected to grow to an over $125 billion industry. With advertisers increasing their investments in RMNs, it's evident that something transformative is taking place. Google’s fixing a cookie problem with Drive downloads, but not the biggest one [The Verge] “As Google prepares to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome, it’s updating Drive to stop relying on them in some cases, but not when you use Google Drive directly.” Google Drive to Ditch Third-Party Cookies for File Downloads and Enhanced Privacy [TechGenyz] “In a significant shift toward enhancing user privacy and improving the functionality of its services, Google has announced a forthcoming change to its widely used cloud storage and file-sharing platform, Google Drive. Starting January 2, 2024, Google Drive will no longer require third-party cookies to be enabled for users to download files.” Heads Up Publishers: Third-Party Cookie Phase Out Starts Soon [GritDaily] “Publishers have long expected this change, with the first announcement of the impending deprecation shaking the publishing sector in 2020. While Google has previously delayed the rollout of the cookie deprecation in Chrome, the recent update makes clear the rollout will begin in 2024. Publishers relying on these cookies need to take action now to prepare.”

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