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Automated reporting. Available whenever you need it.

At Frakture, we bring all your platforms & channels together into a single reporting dashboard, updated on a daily basis. A complete view of your program is only ever a click away.

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What is Frakture?

We deploy digital robots to automate your communications and fundraising infrastructure — including data warehousing, targeting, cleaning, and cross-channel reporting.

Frakture Works

Our bots will pull together all your data from your different CRMs, platforms, and channels, compiling them into a single, streamlined database so you know exactly how each of your digital campaigns is performing. With Frakture, you'll spend less time mired in spreadsheets and SQL queries, and more time doing deep analyses and crafting creative campaigns. Our key features include:

Customized Reporting Dashboards

Get the data you need instantly with our customizable reports.

Source Code Generator

Automatically generate source codes for every channel with our convenient browser plug-in.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Know where every dollar you raise comes from from with our automated attribution algorithm.

Comprehensive Data Warehouse

Store all your data in a single warehouse, accessible by SQL. No more painful data migrations.

Bots for Everything

From CRMs like NGP and Action Network to donation platforms like ActBlue, our bots can find your data wherever it lives.

Data Cleanup & Deduplication

Let us help you get your data cleaned up, de-duped, and source coded. (Enterprise only.)


So many bots, so little time

Our bots work around the clock to ensure all your data is moved, saved, and extracted whenever you need it.

The Right Fit

We designed our tools with non-profits and digital agencies in mind. Here's how they can benefit from using Frakture:


No two nonprofits are the same, so Frakture offers a range of data warehousing and reporting tools to maximize your impact.

With our data warehouse and automatic bots, you'll never have to suffer through painful data integration or migration projects again. You'll have:

  • A comprehensive data warehouse, fully accessible by your staff at any time via SQL or using our Frakture Console.

  • Reporting dashboards tailored to your budget and needs, ranging from topline metrics to detailed dives into revenue attribution and lifetime ROI. Use our native Frakture Reports or connect your preferred reporting solution like Google Data Studio or Tableau.

  • Bots, technical support, and more. Our team - both humans and bots - are here to make sure your data and reports are all they can be.


As an agency, you're managing data for multiple clients, each with their own unique set of platforms and data structures. Frakture is built from the ground up to retrieve and organize each of your clients' data into individual warehouses, each controlled by you.

With an Agency account, you’ll have access to all of Frakture’s Advanced Reporting dashboards, as well as:

  • A unique data warehouse for each client with a consistent structure, even if the platforms they're using are all different.

  • Standard source coding and attribution practices run daily, so you always have the most up-to-date analysis on your acquisition programs and investments in your list.

  • World-class support from our team, including regular check-in calls and a live Slack channel so help is never more than a DM away.

Testimonial Background

Love for Frakture

Frakture Packages

Choose the package to suit your organization's data needs



For those organizations looking for a simple and easy plug and play data solution with standard features. Complete visibility across your core channels.

  • Daily data pulls

  • Unlimited platforms

  • Standard data retrieval for email, ads, organic social, and text messages

  • Transaction (donation) reporting and attribution

  • Access to our standard Frakture Reports

  • Job Monitoring and Tracking



At the Advanced level, our bots will track KPIs for your key audience segments, slice and dice your data across times and channels, and extract lifetime performance for every group of supporters that matter to you. Other Advanced features include:

  • Everything in our Essentials tier, plus:

  • More frequent data pulls (subject to platform and bandwidth restrictions)

  • Access to our Advanced Reports, which provide deeper insight into your origin sources, acquisition campaigns, message and channel rollups, and more

  • Direct access to the data warehouse for your third-party reporting tools such as Google Data Studio or Tableau, allowing you to build completely custom, branded reports

  • Access to our Source Code Dictionary, a comprehensive data view of all source codes used in your messages and transactions, with the ability to fix errors and re-categorize your data after the fact.



Frakture Enterprise offers the most comprehensive and granular view of your data.

  • Everything included in the Essentials and Advanced tiers, plus:

  • Frakture Timeline, which includes the individual interaction history of everyone in your database including which emails they opened, which appeals they responded to, and every step on their personal journey from awareness to action.

  • Per-person message stats, including impressions/opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions.

  • Direct SQL access to your warehouse(s), so you can audit data directly and roll your own queries as needed.


See Frakture In Action

Contact us today to arrange a demo for your organization. See for yourself how Frakture can take your data management to the next level.

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Remembering Jason Zanon

With deep sadness and broken hearts, we are announcing the passing of our dear friend and colleague Jason Zanon on Thanksgiving, November 23rd, 2023.