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Frakture Bots automate your data dirty work freeing your time to focus on more important stuff.



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Frakture is a new way to work with your systems and data. Bots handle the time-consuming human tasks of data extraction, standardization, cleansing, transferring, syncing and reporting – in seconds. The result is a data warehouse, reporting dashboards and select data synced between systems.


Bots are advanced scripts and codes that are trained to work with your data. Frakture's Bots first pull data from your end point systems such as databases, CRMs, and social platforms and centralize it in a Warehouse. Then, the Bots push the data from the Warehouse into Frakture's Reporting Dashboard. With Frakture, you no longer have to remember to run reports and sit and wait for them to complete. The data is already there and refreshed daily. If you already use an analytics tool, you can plug that directly into the Warehouse and the data is already standardized.


Use your own reporting and analytics tool or use Frakture's Dashboards that are included with your Data Warehouse.




Sync specific data across system

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Add Bots to your team and get more done

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Free your time - to tackle what's next on your list!

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Let's talk automation & reporting.

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