Frakture for Agencies

Frakture will pull, clean, and standardize data from all your clients’ different systems, so your staff can spend their valuable time being analytically and creatively awesome.

As an agency, you'll have access to all of Frakture's Advanced Reporting dashboards, as well as:

Customized Support

You know better than anyone that no two clients are the same - Frakture is available for support at the drop of a Slack message, and we'll set up a regular status call with to make sure that our priorities always match your priorities.

Bots for Every Client

Frakture works best when we've got lots of data to work with - so we'll work with you to get all of your agency's clients up and running with Frakture no matter how many different systems their data is in. We've got over 100 bots ready to plug-and-play. Don't see a bot you need? We can build it!

Source Coding, Attribution, and Acquisition

Standard source coding and attribution jobs are run daily, so you always have the most up-to-date analysis on your acquisition programs and investments in your list. Clients use different source code formats? Legacy data need to be re-coded? With the Frakture Console, it's no problem.

Deployment Timeline

Typical deployments take around three months for full implementation.

Month 1

Setup for 1-3 trial clients - we will work with you to get access and logins to each client system.

Month 2

Deployment and customizations of reports and onboarding of additional clients.

Month 3

Finalize your reports and roll them out to your clients. Get ready to blow their minds.

View Frakture's Bot List

If there’s a system you use, chances are we’ve got a Bot for it. And if not, we can build one! ‍ Check out our list to see if we’ve got what you need.


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