What is Frakture?

We deploy digital robots to automate your communications and fundraising infrastructure — including data warehousing, targeting, cleaning, and cross-channel reporting.

We fill the ever-growing gap between the technology platforms you are using, and those you should be. Frakture multiplies your staff, giving you an effective team well beyond the number of humans you have. We’ve built hundreds of Bots, and deployed thousands of them, to coordinate data living in disparate platforms — social media, CRM, mobile, online ads, email, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. We manipulate the information in a database called a Warehouse: a platform-agnostic central point of reference for your data. Some industries are familiar with warehousing…and for those we often manage the extract and loading of data. Other clients need it all — which means they don’t have to unlearn bad habits. All this saves your team time — but more importantly it frees their brains to do amazing things. And it eases the adoption of new communications platforms and strategies — to stay relevant as new technology emerges and grows. ‍ Bots and humans working together can do more than humans alone.

Where did Frakture come from?

Frakture has deep roots with nonprofits and the technology they use. Our founder, Chris Lundberg, founded Democracy in Action and Salsa Labs before the term email marketing platform existed. That was also back when we used email to make plans with friends, called each other without texting first and used public transportation instead of Lyft Line or Uber Pool. When Chris left Salsa Labs they were serving hundreds of nonprofit clients who used the platform to raise millions of dollars, drive policy change via their advocacy platform and send hundreds of millions of emails per year to their constituents.

At Salsa, Chris saw first hand the data challenges that nonprofits face and how rapidly they added communication channels that they wanted to be integrated with their fundraising, advocacy, and email strategy. The nonprofits were asking, “Do you have an API for this new system?” Over time, the answer would vary, but the need and number of systems were increasing. That’s how the idea for Frakture was born.

Frakture was started to help nonprofits solve their next big data challenge – how to manage all of these new systems.

There are two main issues that organization run into. First, it is hard to manage constituents across platforms, specifically keeping communication and unsubscribe preferences updated. This includes updating specific segments or groups of constituents for targeted fundraising via email, SMS, online ads, telemarketing, and more.

Second, since there is no one database that contains all of the information that nonprofit use for reporting, cross-system reporting is labor-intensive and time-consuming, Frakture is actively at work using Bots, Automation and Data Warehousing to solve both of these challenges by giving nonprofits a way to connect new systems to their existing data infrastructure and manage strategic segments of people across all of the systems.

Meet Our Team

Chris Lundberg

Founder & CEO

Marisa McNee

Vice President of Client Relations

Michael Rader

Vice President of Product