Reporting packages that meet your needs. And more.

Our Essentials tier is perfect for small- to mid-size organizations with a handful of platforms. Larger organizations and agencies will benefit from the deep origin reporting available in our Advanced tier. If you'd like your own direct warehouse access and the per-person reporting we offer through our Timeline feature, let's talk Enterprise. The key features across all our product tiers include:

Your Own Data Warehouse

With your own data warehouse, your organization will never have to go through another painful data migration project again. Your Frakture warehouse stores all your supporters, ads, emails, texts, transactions, metadata, and anything else you need, from every platform. Changing CRMs? No problem; just pick what data you want migrate, confident that all your valuable metrics won't be lost. Adding a new platform? Easy as pie; just design your source codes, start sending, and watch your reports update in real-time.

  • For clients on our Essentials and Advanced tiers, we'll manage your database as part of our cluster. No data fees to worry about!

  • Plug in your own reporting tools like Google Data Studio, PowerBI, or Tableau. (Advanced+ tier only)

  • Access your database via SQL to roll your own queries and audit the data directly. (Enterprise tier only)

Frakture Bots

Bots are the heart of our automated data platform. Many of our bots are tailored to the platforms you use, pulling data from wherever it lives to your warehouse - day in, day out. Other bots spend their days cleaning and organizing your data. We have over 150 bots carrying out all manner of daily jobs, each making sure your data is ready for you when you need it. Our bots include:

  • Major CRMs, including NGP-VAN, EveryAction, Salesforce, ConvioLuminate, Blackbaud, ActionKit, ActionNetwork, and more.

  • Donation and payment systems including ActBlue, Stripe, Classy, Wealth Engine, and more.

  • Ad platforms including Google, Facebook, Bing, AdRoll, Yahoo, and more.

  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

We've always got new bots under development. If you don't see what you're looking for, drop us a line and see if it's on our roadmap. Need it sooner? We also offer custom bot development.

Frakture Reporting

With our Standard Reports, we provide instant visualizations of key data segments in your warehouse, including the performance of your digital ads, organic social, email marketing, and overall fundraising. With Advanced and Enterprise accounts, you can connect third-party data tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau to your Frakture warehouse. Our report suite includes:

  • Persuasion and fundraising for ads and organic social channels

  • Performance and fundraising for your email and text programs

  • List acquisition performance, including revenue and subscriber counts by origin source (Advanced+ tier only)

  • Lifetime ROI performance by channel for email, ads, social, text, direct mail (Advanced+ tier only)

  • Origin revenue, subscriber count, and metadata by source code (Advanced+ tier only)

  • Per-person message stats including impressions/opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions (Enterprise tier only)

  • Frakture Timeline, which provides timestamped interaction history of every individual in your database, across their entire history with your organization (Enterprise tier only)

Source Coding

Frakture is built around source codes. With the advent of all the recent changes in digital privacy, it's more important than ever to have solid source coding if you want to understand your data. You'll see the most benefit from using Frakture if you have a robust plan and process to ensure your messages and solicitations all go out with detailed source codes that reflect how you want to tell stories with your data. Not there yet? Don't worry; we're here to help. With Frakture you'll get:

  • A customized plan to harmonize your source codes with our database model, ensuring that the reports we generate capture your KPIs.

  • An automated parser that routes your source code elements into our database, allowing you to report on any dimension, any metric, anytime.

  • A browser source code generator (in development) so your strategists can create perfect source codes, every time right from their web browser.

  • Overrides, overrides, overrides. Everyone makes mistakes, and a bad source code should never mean that your data is lost. With the Frakture Console, you'll be able to fix any problem with a source code, after the fact. Or use this power to re-code any legacy data to fit your current structure.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Ever wish you had a super-intelligent AI that followed every dollar you raised, so you always knew where it came from? Well, we built one. Our automated attribution algorithm follows every transaction, every message, and every source code you send out. It looks at timestamps, source codes, and a host of other factors to match up your outgoing campaigns with your incoming revenue. This attributed revenue figure is reported by source code and by message in our standard and custom reports, giving you deep insight into the impact of your marketing efforts.

Data Cleanup & Deduplication

For our Enterprise clients, take advantage of our data cleanup & deduplication services. Got a large and messy import from a legacy system, or a group of clients with messy source code habits? Let us get your incoming data in the best shape it can be, and set your up for some early wins with your team when you onboard with Frakture. Our bots are experts at organizing fields and sleuthing out the deep connections in your data, so if you've got a complex database that needs de-tangling, let's talk.


So many bots, so little time

Our bots work around the clock to ensure all your data is moved, saved, and extracted whenever you need it.