Feb 3, 2021

Frakture’s New Reporting, Part 3: Chart the Way Forward

NOTE: Check out our previous posts for details on Frakture’s new reports: Part 1 Skip the Busywork and Part 2 Dig Into the Details.

The beauty of data is that it’s not just about yesterday or today – it’s about tomorrow. Properly analyzing your metrics and seeing where you over- or under-performed this year can (and should) shape where your program goes in the next few years. We get that – we work with dozens of clients helping them to visualize what’s needed, and where to go from here.

That’s why we’re so excited about our newest native reporting suite – our Strategic Planning reports.

Even though they’re fully automated and updated daily, these reports aren’t about the day-to-day. This is the data that will give you the big picture, tell you where to spend your money, and show you everything you and your bosses want to see about your data. Whether you’re a team lead, looking to chart a new way forward in 2021-22, a senior media buyer who wants to maximize revenue tomorrow and the next day, or even if you’re putting together a report for your organization’s CEO to convince them of a new path, these are the reports you need.

Just think – an annual strategy meeting’s worth of data, at your fingertips every day:

  • Lifetime revenue and ROI by source and channel

  • List acquisition source analysis

  • Segment-by-segment deep dives over time

  • Specialized customization to fit your team’s needs

All your data, across all your CRMs, showing you exactly what you want it to show. That means no more shot-in-the-dark ad budgets for next fiscal year, and no more “best guess” analyses about where donors originally came from. With Frakture reports, you can know the exact dollar amount of revenue that came from donors who originally joined your list via Facebook ads in 2017, how many of your direct mail recipients have switched over to email, and just how profitable those expensive list swaps really are in the long term.

Hours of analysis time, of putting together slides to show your leadership team, days and weeks of discussion over your strategic direction – that’s all gone. Frakture is here to make sure your time as a strategist is actually spent… well, strategizing. Let us crunch the numbers for you and show you the true, full picture of your fundraising program. Together we’ll prepare your organization for any eventuality and help you be the absolute best that you can be.

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