Feb 3, 2021

Frakture’s New Reporting, Part 2: Dig Into the Details

NOTE: If you want to learn about the basics of Frakture reports, and how they can save you and your team hours, check out our previous post.

You’re a kickass digital strategist. You’ve got a solid, productive team behind you, and a fool-proof process for pulling daily reports (maybe you even use Frakture’s basic reporting to help with that!). You’re coming off a major campaign and planning for the next one, and unfortunately, that means you’re staring all your data in the face, waiting for the numbers to rearrange themselves into a format that’ll help you plan out your spend budgets, your channel performance, and more.

Enter the Frakture Bots, and our new generation of native reports.

With Frakture automated reporting, you can see more than just toplines – you can see channel-by-channel analysis in real time, and drill down into the details of your efforts. The key here is source codes (and for those organizations where those two words just made your heart skip a beat, keep reading): when you work with Frakture, we’ll help you implement a comprehensive and easy-to-use source code dictionary that can quickly and easily overwrite all your messy source codes of the past with a streamlined, user-friendly structure that can make future reporting a snap. And from there, it’s all automated.

Our Bots can give you the kind of reports your data team spends weeks on, and they can do it every single day. We’re talking:

  • ROI comparisons by channel, campaign, and even ad/message

  • Drill-down analysis of all your messaging and fundraising efforts

  • Real-time budget tracking, for both spend and revenue

Our Modernized Organizing reporting package is an absolute must-have if you’re looking to move past the days of hunches and gut feelings, and take the next step for your program.

Whether you’re looking for the Next Big Thing or just trying to make the most of a limited digital budget, automatic ROI comparisons give you the tools to make an informed decision and make every dollar count. Those detailed channel-by-channel analyses that usually take weeks to prepare are available any day, any time, so you can know where you’re performing the best, where you need to improve, and what to think about for next year (after all, EOY never really stops, does it?).

And, if you’re one of those groups whose current source code structure and tracking process feels like the Titanic – hard to change, unwieldy, and ultimately going down – Frakture can give you a fresh start and get you where you need to be.

Detailed channel-by-channel analysis and planning isn’t just for the big folks anymore – not only can you afford to do it for your program, you can’t afford not to. Particularly for progressive groups, as the low-hanging fruit of anti-Trump fundraising ads goes away, the most effective organizations will be targeting different segments on different channels, adopting a true multichannel approach, and having the data to back it all up. The dividends are in the details, which is a phrase that I totally just made up, but it works. Everything you need to make your fundraising efforts a success is in the numbers; it’s up to you to decide what to do with them.

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