Nov 5, 2019

Frakture Client Showcase: That sounds amazing!

We’re often asked, “what are other clients doing?” So, here’s part two of our series highlighting what nonprofits are using Frakture for.

Enhancing Marketing Automation to follow best practices:

About a year ago, Amnesty International Canada came to us with a challenge. We’re using Facebook Lead Generator for acquisition, they said, but that it’s a laborious manual process to download the list of new leads and upload them into the eCRM. Frakture’s engineers got right to work by automating the download from Facebook and incorporating the upload into a welcome series in Engaging Networks. As a result, new leads generated from Facebook now see a welcome email within 24 hours of signing up.

In a previous blog post, we highlighted how Frakture enables organizations to follow best practices (and the law) around opt-ins and opt-outs for email and SMS when multiple platforms are in use.

Automating Targeted Advertising

Do you see the same ads all the time? How about after you click on the ad and become a donor? An efficient Facebook Advertising campaign requires regularly updating audience segmentation as prospects engage (or don’t) over time.

With Frakture automating this typically manual and time-consuming process, you’ll free up staff and budget to engage more people, more smartly. In addition, Frakture’s warehouse can shunt the same audience segments to other ad platforms like Google, Bing and more. The ONE Campaign uses this automation to customize audiences across their multiple Facebook pages; it’s particularly key for their big annual International Women’s Day campaign!

Sharing Data among Affiliates:

Are you at a Federated organization and need faster access to data from National? Frakture helps PBS and 30+ member stations connect member stations to a central PBS membership vault powering their video-on-demand Passport program.

Many other Frakture clients have affiliated organizations like a c3, c4, PAC, and 527 with complex interactions. Some data needs to be shared, but some data must be kept separate. For example, the Democratic Governors Association uses Frakture to run three separate instances of ActBlue, but only one instance of Salesforce. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) uses Frakture to share names between their 527 and PAC and track the “debt”. They use chapters in BSD Tools which doesn’t natively allow for names to be exchanged between affiliated organizations.

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