Handling GDPR with Warehousing and Bots

Have constituents in the EU? Worried about GDPR? Use Warehousing (and bots) to achieve compliance! Are you a nonprofit operating...

We’re perfect

Every now and then I run across an organization that is convinced that it’s not really a candidate for automation. ‘What we do is too custom, too complicated, for automation.’...
Chris Lundberg

Top 5 reasons to use Frakture

It should come as no surprise that we think we’re on to something revolutionary with Frakture.  Not only does Frakture pull together your data from multiple systems – fundraising, social,...
Ashley Hansen
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A Good Day Turned Bad: Presenting Fundraising Data to a Client

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve spent days, maybe even weeks, perfecting a client’s end of year fundraising report....
Ashley Hansen

What’s so hard about that?

Sometimes we’re in meetings where we’re chatting with really good engineers, and we’ll get comments such as “Well, we’re pretty...
Chris Lundberg

The Bots You Don’t See

You may have heard that at Frakture, we have a lot of bots. Good bots. And you’d be right –...

Data Powered by Frakture: An Agency Case Study on Mothership Strategies

Is your data causing you headaches? Are reporting requests coming at you so fast that you have trouble processing them...
Ashley Hansen

Beyond Spreadsheets

The ubiquitous magic of spreadsheets has a way of infiltrating operations because they’re just so darn handy. But their propensity...
Jason Zanon

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