Jul 19, 2023

Introducing Frakture 3.0

We’ve just launched a brand-new version of the Frakture Console!

The dashboard to rule them all

One thing we get asked at Frakture: how do I see EVERYTHING? Starting now, you can. Our new Dashboard view shows your last 30 days of fundraising (revenue and transaction counts), stats on your most recent messages, and the status of your current bots. And that’s just the start. As we continue to improve the Console, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback to improve this new top-level view. Take a look and let us know what you’d like to see here!

A completely new look & feel for Frakture

It starts with a new look, and streamlined navigation. We’ve moved the menu to the left sidebar, freeing up more space to display everything from spreadsheets and reports to bot settings. The new look is cleaner, easier to navigate, and removes a lot of redundant pages and functions. It’s built on the latest, lightning-fast version of MUI, and with the streamlined codebase we’ll be able to roll out new updates much faster than before. The new Frakture Console is going to keep getting newer.

Full HTML content for your sent messages

We’ve fully redesigned our Messages view, and you’re going to love it. We’ve upgraded our bots to package up the full HTML content of every email message you (or your clients) send. Of course, you also have all the performance stats for each message, as well as Frakture’s custom attributed revenue algorithm - our secret sauce for finding every dollar that message raised (even if it’s missing a source code). Yes, you read that right: you can view the full, rendered HTML content of every email you send, right within Frakture. Just navigate Messages and browse away. We’ve added tabs to show just text content, as well as our performance stats, and any links and source codes that our bots have picked up. Anything you want to know about a message is just a few clicks away.

Familiar but new (and better)

We did a lot of rearranging, redesigning, and polish, but we think you’ll find the new Frakture console more intuitive and more useful from day one. Most of the familiar screens that you used often are still there. On newly designed screens (like Messages), you’ll often see a “spreadsheet” link in the upper right corner, in case you’d like to revert back to double check something in a more familiar layout. The new Frakture Console is live NOW. So don’t be shy about asking for a demo, we’d love to show you around! You can reach us at: info@frakture.com

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