Jan 26, 2023

Principle 1: The Value of a Data Warehouse

This is the first in a series of blog posts about digital organizing principles and data management best practices using Frakture.

Wrangling your data isn’t easy. No matter the size of your organization, building a reporting system out of unconsolidated data is an all-hands effort. Data silos are a huge obstacle for productivity and innovation.

Many organizations still use manual imports, resulting in incomplete data transfers, and worst of all, lost information. Where your data lives – and how it connects from one system to another – affects your audience targeting, your messaging strategy, your investments, budgets, and more. But day by day, we rarely even think about it. We just accept the walls of the silos. Frakture is here to change that.

Having good data—and making good use of it—is essential to every aspect of supporter engagement. Shops that organize their data in one place are more equipped to adapt to change, predict outcomes, catch errors, and deploy better strategies across all their programs. That’s why you need a data warehouse.

A data warehouse stores all your data from different platforms in the same place, so you can analyze your programs as a holistic system without having to spend your time wrangling data from multiple silos. Frakture’s Bots transfer that data between the warehouse and your CRMs, so while you focus on strategy and fundraising, the Bots will be cleaning your data, standardizing it, transferring that data from your CRMs to the warehouse, and making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. 

We know good digital organizing starts with being able to analyze your current activities regardless of which platform you used to generate it: 

  • Want to know how many direct mail donors have also given online? The warehouse delivers.

  • Need to check the lifetime value of donors from that list rental last month? You got it.

  • Asked for the churn rate of your recurring donors over the past year? No problem.

All that info is available without spending days exporting and merging spreadsheets between systems. The Bots are all about working smarter, not harder – and having your data in a warehouse makes that all possible.

A data warehouse and our army of Frakture Bots will help you take your digital organizing to the next level. Instead of wrestling with manual imports or unstandardized and incomplete data, your team will have time to identify data gaps and set realistic priorities across all your programs.

We’re ready to help you make a data warehouse an integral part of your strategy and save you time (and money) you can spend elsewhere.

Drop us a line and let's chat at info@frakture.com

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