Apr 4, 2023

Building a Comprehensive Data Program

You’re ready to hire a top-notch data analyst, but do you really have the agency infrastructure to support that role?

We can help!

Level-up with our 6-step, three-month intensive program building up your data infrastructure and team data skills. You’ll emerge not only with new levels of insight into what’s going on in your organization, but improved practices for data gathering and analysis that’ll elevate your digital game.

Already have your data warehouse up and running? No problem, we can help you level up wherever you are in the process.

Integrate & Organize Your Data (Month 1):

We will work with you to get your warehouse set up, and help you master the data fundamentals. We’ll connect all your platforms in a single warehouse so you can make connections, attribute revenue, and analyze your activity as a holistic system.

By the end of the first month you will be up and running with message and transaction data in your warehouse, and your first set of message, persuasion, and

fundraising reports – including everything you’d expect like gift averages and message clicks, with a few surprises to boot.

Analyze & Deep Dive (Month 2):

By month 2, your analytics really start to shine. At this step we’re really going to lean into best practices for source coding. Good source coding will unlock unlimited reporting dimensions for every transaction, message, and person in your database.

At a fundamental level, advanced source coding techniques give you full, granular control over how you aggregate and report on the data you collect. You decide how your data is structured, based on how you need to report on it.

Engage & Level-Up (Month 3):

Now that the data warehouse is humming with activity, you’re ready to generate Big Data-quality insights about your campaigns and donors – insights that lie well beyond the reach of any single one of your digital systems’ native reporting.

As we finalize your reports, we’ll work with you to illuminate where your donors/subscribers came from, and how they’ve performed (or not) over the months and years since. Are your list-growth/acquisition strategies working? What strategies have earned the best long-term returns? Where do you take things from here?

We’re ready to help you elevate your program and get the most from your data! Drop us a line and let's chat at info@frakture.com

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