Agencies -- Data by Frakture

Frakture standardizes and automates backend data infrastructure for numerous agencies, running thousands of menial data jobs that staff would otherwise have to do.  If your staff is spending time pulling and cleaning data from client platforms, they’re not spending that time creating awesome campaigns.  Don’t be just manual labor — be creatively awesome.

Standardize all your client services

Reduce time and effort from your teams by standardizing and automating data aggregation and report delivery.  Spend the time delivering awesome creative and advanced services only humans can accomplish.

Frakture has Bots that can pull data from hundreds of different systems, consistently and reliably every day.  We have invested a huge amount of time in error checking and monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about your dataflows when the inevitable system upgrades happen.  Frakture takes care of all of the maintenance, so you can focus on amazing deliverables.

Support a true multi-channel offering

With Bots helping ease the process of getting into a new technology or channel, you can expand your services into digital, online ads, social media, and whatever comes next.

Whether it’s adding in Google Ads, a reporting suite such as Tableau or PowerBI, or Facebook custom audiences refreshed daily, Frakture Bots already know how to deal with them, so your team doesn’t have to learn the intricacies of all the different platforms necessary for modern business.  Frakture Bots also help with standardization, source coding, and other critical elements to truly turn your agency into a multi-channel powerhouse.

Check out our case study

With Bots powering the backend data, Mothership engineers can focus their skills on amazing interfaces for their teams — doubling how much code they can deploy to support their clients, and allowing their staff to focus on delivering amazing creative services across dozens of clients.