What is Frakture?

Frakture deploys digital robots (Bots) to automate your communications and fundraising infrastructure -- including data warehousing, targeting, cleaning, and cross-channel reporting.

We fill the ever-growing gap between the technology platforms you are using, and those you should be. Frakture multiplies your staff, giving you an effective team well beyond the number of humans you have.

We've built hundreds of Bots, and deployed thousands of them, to coordinate data living in disparate platforms — social media, CRM, mobile, online ads, email, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.

We manipulate the information in a database called a Warehouse: a platform-agnostic central point of reference for your data. Some industries are familiar with warehousing … and for those we often manage the extract and loading of data. Other clients need it all — which means they don't have to unlearn bad habits :)

All this saves your team time -- but more importantly it frees their brains to do amazing things. And it eases the adoption of new communications platforms and strategies -- to stay relevant as new technology emerges and grows.
Bots and humans working together can do more than humans alone.

If you haven't talked to us recently, our product has advanced dramatically … so let's reconnect! Please schedule a demo or sign up for our email list (scroll down!) to stay connected.

Meet the Frakture Team

Ashley Hansen

Vice President of Growth
Problem solver and connector, passionate about coaching cause-driven people to achieve their potential and take their organizations to even greater levels of do-good impact.

Justin Kenel

Master Bot Craftsman
Engineer dedicated to making the world a better place by helping others to be more efficient and effective.

Chris Lundberg

Founder, CEO
Geek with People Skills. I build highly scalable technology that people actually need to do their jobs better and scalable companies to support them.

Dawn Washelesky

Creative and Operations Manager
Artist and designer that thrives on creating beautiful, thoughtful designs that shine. Working with awesome clients is an added bonus.

Jason Zanon

Bot Wrangler
Writer and fundraiser turned nonprofit technologist, I keep the Frakture bots on task so you can keep changing the world.

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