At Frakture, we pride ourselves on being:

Experienced tech & social entrepreneurs who enjoy major disruption in industries, and helping groups better engage with their audiences.

Meet the Frakture Team

Ashley Hansen

Vice President of Growth
Problem solver and connector, passionate about coaching cause-driven people to achieve their potential and take their organizations to even greater levels of do-good impact.

Justin Kenel

Master Bot Craftsman
Engineer dedicated to making the world a better place by helping others to be more efficient and effective.

Chris Lundberg

Founder, CEO
Geek with People Skills. I build highly scalable technology that people actually need to do their jobs better and scalable companies to support them.

Dawn Washelesky

Creative and Operations Manager
Artist and designer that thrives on creating beautiful, thoughtful designs that shine. Working with awesome clients is an added bonus.

Jason Zanon

Bot Wrangler
Writer and fundraiser turned nonprofit technologist, I keep the Frakture bots on task so you can keep changing the world.

Why Frakture?

Frakture was founded by Chris Lundberg and April Pedersen. Both have been in the engagement industry for over 10 years. They are the co-founders of DemocracyInAction and Salsa Labs, organizations founded to help nonprofits and political campaigns engage and organize their supporters. Salsa is an integrated platform built to track all kinds of interactions. Email, advocacy, fundraising, event attendance, volunteers activities, etc. By integrating these functions, Salsa increased engagement levels significantly with upwards of 70M people.

But, times have changed! In Fall 2013, Chris and April were afforded the opportunity to take a step back from the day to day of managing a company with 70 employees and 2k clients and really look at the landscape of how engaging people online has changed. And what they realized from their experience, from analyzing the Obama victory, from talking to dozens of people in the marketing and engagement fields, is that the challenge has fundamentally shifted over the past decade. And not just for marketers in the social sector, but for marketers everywhere.

The challenge starts and ends with the ever-increasing amount of channels by which we have to communicate with people. We've gone from 2-3 for most organizations to about 8-10. There are all the new online channels, but there are still the offline ones as well (tv, radio, phones, direct mail).

The amount of data is increasing exponentially. Getting the data in one place (properly formatted) to get a handle on the metrics to analyze it properly and measure conversions and ROI is difficult for even the most established brands. In many cases they turn to consultants who have manual systems in place to analyze it and produce charts and graphs. It takes time -- a lot of it. Time and resources. This, while the expectation these days for brands to respond to things in real-time, create campaigns on the fly, and create a seamless customer or supporter experience is increasing.

Everybody wants to do what the Obama Campaign did. And who wouldn't? The Obama campaign hired an army of technologists, data scientists, digital production specialists, testers, DBAs, and experts in each channel of communications and they were able to produce to most sophisticated marketing campaign in history. This coupled with field people armed with the right information set a new standard for what it takes to win.

It's also set a new standard for marketers who want to produce sophisticated and effective marketing campaigns that reach the holy grail of marketing: meaningful engagement.

So, after doing extensive research on solutions out there and not finding one that did precisely what they were hearing people desperately needed, they set out to solve the problem. The goal is to produce a platform that doesn't just integrate your data from multiple channels and doesn't just provide you with slick visualizations, but build one that does those things AND allows you to create and optimize your campaigns in the same place connecting seamlessly to the systems you already have in place (CRM, email, etc). Only when you combine all three of these functions can we truly attempt to increase engagement.

With Frakture, we are building the foundation upon which your engagement army will live. On top of this foundation, we are building dozens of what we are calling "Frakture Bots" that will help you build campaigns that work in real-time that help will make you appear like you've got an army of engagement specialists behind you. We put you in command. Of your data, of your communication production, and of your results; freeing you up to do what you're best at: creatively engaging with your audience, creating message and compelling content, and interacting in a way that robots can't... Authentically!

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