Integrate. Analyze. Engage.

Frakture is a multi-channel data integration engine; using Bots to break down the data silos to create a symbiosis between your channels. Here’s how:


We automate Integration using sophisticated Bots to do the daily work of synchronizing and standardizing your data across all of your channels.


By integrating your data, you'll finally see the coveted 360 degree view of your people. You’ll also get:

  • A data feed for any reporting suite you use
  • Beautiful, advanced and useful analytics including reports on Engagement, ROI and Audience


The result? When smart Bots work with smart people to solve the hard problems, you’re freed up to creatively engage your audience in a way that robots can’t… Authentically.

Turn your IT and Marketing teams from a team of 5 to a team of 50

Use the time-savings to make your data actionable

Close the loop between analytics, campaign production and delivery


See Frakture Live:

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