Suffering from Data Integration Paralysis?
“Big Data” leaving you tired and confused?
Technology a hindrance to you strategically & creatively executing your marketing campaigns?

The Frakture Data Engine unleashes Bots to help you:

Integrate, synchronize and standardize your data across all of your channels


Get advanced, useful business intelligence


Close the loop between analytics and campaign production


Bots and Humans working together in Squads to solve complex data issues

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Integration Squad

  • Dig into your existing systems & data
  • Synchronize contacts & transactions
  • Extract info, summarize it and push it to reports
  • Move files & data amongst different vendors
  • Schedule & notify your team for human intervention
  • Create standard, reliable processes for your data

Business Intelligence Squad

  • Get advanced real-time analytics
  • Track customer and donor performance for metrics
  • Integrate demographic information from multiple independent databases
  • Get a better handle on your ROI
  • Beautiful, useful reports and dashboards

Production Squad

  • Content production controlled by an interface that allows you to focus on the message, not the execution
  • Compose & coordinate every message in multiple channels & campaigns
  • Close the loop between analytics, message composition and delivery
  • Ensures correct coding and tracking of messages

Freeing you up to do what you're best at: creatively engaging your audience in a way that robots can't.... Authentically!
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