You Are Smart!

Chris Lundberg

You rocked that project! You are really good at your job! You are amazing! 

It feels so good to get a compliment. Have you given any out today?

If not, we would love you to give one to us by voting for Frakture’s proposed panels at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans! Voting opened last week and you can choose what sessions you’d like to see at NTC ’18. Sessions with the most votes will be offered at the conference. Here are the sessions we’ve planned, vote for the ones you like! 

#Datawarehousing: Automation, Data Management, Integration & Dashboards

Data Warehousing 101

How to use automation to make data-driven decisions

You can vote for all three of our sessions and others you like. Log into NTEN or sign up for a free account. 

Thanks, we appreciate you!



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