Webinar: Frakture Console

Webinar: Frakture Console

Last month we launched Frakture Console, a new user interface to help you visualize your whole data environment, from CRM to email to data flow and more. Now you will have a real-time view into all the activity Frakture Bots are doing on your behalf via Console.

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered.

Our Founder and CEO, Chris Lundberg, hosted a webinar to introduce the Console and go into a bit more detail about feature and usability (and a little geek speak for those of you that want even more visibility into your data). Don’t worry if you missed it, we made a recording! Watch below as Chris starts with a quick overview of data warehouses, bots, and automation (2:44), then introduces and shows you the brand new Frakture Console (7:40), and wraps up with an overview of reporting (14:55).

Webinar Replay


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