Uniform Data for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Ashley Hansen

When it comes to organization-wide reporting, you need a data warehouse to produce timely and standardized reports.

As NGOs become more data-driven, they’re looking for ways to communicate and visualize data for all types of stakeholders, from donors to executives. Data visualization tools crossing channels and departments are essential to telling a story across the organization.


While tools like Tableau and Google Data Studio are great reporting solutions, they’re ultimately only as good as the data that feeds them. Nonprofits invariably source data from many different systems (CRMs, email tools, SMS, social media, spreadsheets, etc.), and the usual absence of data connectors and standardized formats means that each beautiful pie chart costs an awful lot of shoe leather.

This is where data warehousing comes in.

A warehouse stores data from many platforms in a central data repository, ideally normalized to a standard schema. This makes data cleaning and transformations much easier. Using the warehouse you can join tables and sculpt perfect reporting view to plug into your data visualization.

Frakture does this, and more. To maximize the value of those warehouse views, Frakture’s bots automate daily data refreshes out of the many systems your organization uses. Now that you’re not messing around reformatting rival .csv exports half the day, you’ll have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips plus the time to do something with it!


Your reports will be adaptable because they’re working with standardized, clean data and can evolve alongside business needs. You can even transition seamlessly to other systems in the future – for example, hot-swap to a new bulk mail application – while retaining your reporting infrastructure and historical data. The warehouse grows right along with you even as it helps you grow!




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