What problems are you solving for clients?

Our work with nonprofits fall into 5 categories:

  • INTEGRATIONS. We sync data between more than a hundred nonprofit systems. Our work is different than a traditional point-to-point integration. Frakture’s Bots sync a limited set of fields between systems. The bots focus on people, transaction and messaging data.
  • REPORTING. Frakture has standard reports and also makes it easier for  clients to use a 3rd party reporting suite like Google Data Studio, PowerBI, Tableau and more.
  • COMMUNICATION. Frakture helps you manage segments of people between systems. For example, you have a group of people defined in your email system that you want to push out to both a Custom Facebook Audience as well as for an SMS campaign. Frakture pushes the people both directions and manages constituent communication preferences/unsubscribes.
    • Transaction reconciliation between systems.
    • List cleaning, deduping, householding and CASS standardization
  • AGENCIES. Frakture’s work with agencies is focused on automating and standardizing their client’s reporting and attribution. This allows our agency clients to spend more time analyzing their client’s data!