What is Frakture?

Frakture is the future of nonprofit data management and helps organizations be nimbler by automating time-consuming data processes.  Are you frustrated with your constituent data being stored in multiple systems or that your systems don’t talk to each other? Well, with Frakture, your data is no longer fractured. Data from all of your systems is consolidated and standardized in a data warehouse and then the fun begins.

  • Do you want to manage email unsubscribes across two different platforms?
  • Is your data in need of a major clean up?
  • Do you want to do multi-channel attribution and analysis?
  • How about adding in a data visualization tool?
  • Do you want to integrate two platforms?
  • Do you want to test a new platform for a month or two before you buy it?

Frakture’s Bots and Data Warehouse make all of these things easy. The Bots automate the pulling and pushing of data from systems so a human no longer has to do that time consuming work. Frakture powers warehousing, business intelligence, process automation, visualization, cross-system analysis and integrations. Frakture works with nonprofits, fundraising and marketing agencies as well as technology platforms.