Top 5 Reasons to Use Frakture

Top 5 Reasons to Use Frakture

It should come as no surprise that we think we’re on to something truly revolutionary with Frakture.  Not only does Frakture integrate your data from multiple channels and provide you with slick visualizations, it also allows you to create and optimize your campaigns in the same place connecting seamlessly to the systems you already have in place (CRM, email, etc). Only when you combine all three of these functions can we truly attempt to calculate ROI and increase engagement.

Finally, you’ll have the tools you need to handle the torrent of data in today’s modern marketing landscape. Frakture is great for all types of organizations looking for deeper insight into their marketing programs, optimization of their marketing resources, and the clearest picture into how all of their channels work together to drive engagement.

When we set out to solve the problem of cross-channel analytics, we quickly realized where the real time sink was: getting properly structured data consistently in one place to be able to run accurate and reliable reports. The Bots not only provide massive time savings for your team, they ensure that your time is freed up to do things that only brains can do.

Here are the top 5 reasons for using Frakture: 

Advanced Cross-Channel Analytics


Measure your engagement as its happening across dozens of different channels. Track customer/donor/member performance to calculate previously difficult metrics such as lifetime cross-channel value based on source. Get beautiful, useful reports and dashboards on multiple devices.


Significant Time Savings

Bots can dramatically increase your productivity and will make you appear like you’ve got an army of engagement specialists added to your team. Best of all, the Bots aren’t prone to error, can work 24/7, won’t require benefits and Frakture takes care of them for you!




Maximize ROI

Stop guessing! Find out what channels are working based on how much you’re putting in. Be able to pivot quickly based on your results. 




Our Bots allow you to easily test new channels without having to invest in learning new terminology and tactics.


Technology Choice

Because the Bots can pass data between many diverse systems, we free you up to choose best of breed software for any given channel. Don’t sacrifice features because of a need for your technology to be ‘integrated’.