Thunderclap – All Together Now…

Thunderclap – All Together Now…

By Kathy Powers

Being in the tech world, immersed in new developing products – and those tried and true that have been around for years – we have a wealth of knowledge about online tools that can help you achieve your goals. We’ll share that here in our Frakture Musings from time to time, along with our thoughts on those tools. Here is a new favorite of mine.

Founded in 2012, Thunderclap is a new and exciting tool out there for anyone to promote an event or cause. This tool harnesses the power of social media in a simple and unique way. You know when you really wanted everyone to tweet about that benefit concert on the same day – but no one did? Now you can guarantee participation in a coordinated fashion – without asking too much of your supporters.

How does it work?

You create a campaign and goal and simply ask your supporters to sign up for Thunderclap to support the event. Thunderclap lets the user choose how they want to promote the event – Twitter, Facebook, etc. – and customize your message. Then nothing happens…

Until the designated day of the event and *BAM*, all at once Thunderclap will push all of those messages by all of those participating users at the same time causing – hopefully – a resounding boom in the social media community and raising awareness for your event. The power is in the numbers of each user’s social network.

Does it really work?

There are a couple of interesting case studies promoting the effectiveness of this tool for both the private and nonprofit sectors. If you have the audience and the interest, this could significantly amplify your message on any given day.

I signed up out of curiosity and found the process very simple. You can choose any number of campaigns you want to ‘clap’ for and easily customize your message. Even better from the planning side, you can ask Thunderclap supporters to sign up for email alerts and continue to communicate with them after the event:Thunderclap-After-Join-Image

Pricing is per campaign starting with a free version, so smaller nonprofits or skeptics can test drive for free. One thing to note, there is an approval process. I could not find anything on the site that states the conditions of campaign approval, simply that there is a time frame. This might be a pricing and content strategy for the company to ensure quality and place higher emphasis on paying clients.

Make it your own

A tool like Thunderclap could be very effective if planned into the implementation of a larger campaign. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide to give it a try. Know your audience, know your message, know your end goal and go from there. Here are a few scenarios where I could see Thunderclap being an effective tool to raise awareness:

  • Announcing a new campaign – In this case, make sure your campaign is interesting (not just a new website launch) and ask your supporters to sign up for your Thunderclap prior to the big push. Set a goal and continue to promote Thunderclap leading up to the big push. Then, when you are ready to announce your campaign, you have many supporters – and all of their friends – promoting your campaign without even thinking about it.
  • Promoting a specific day or event – In this case, plan accordingly as you would above but allow enough time for supporters to take the action you have in mind. Are they signing a petition? Does it have to happen all on one day? If they are attending an actual event, are you promoting registration? Think U2 and RED – what if they had set this up as a Thunderclap?
  • For the last minute promoters – those who have an urgent pressing issue – I can see Thunderclap being an amazing tool for advocacy, even in a pinch. The Senate is scheduled to vote against your issue at 2 PM tomorrow. Rally your supporters to join a Thunderclap and schedule the message to go out at noon before the vote takes place. Could be powerful.

The skeptic

Thunderclap displays a nifty aggregator in the top corner telling you how many us viagra prices supporters are participating (pushing a message) and the total ‘social reach’. I do wonder about the final actual social reach and if that changes the reported number. Those of us in the game know that Facebook and Twitter – and the others – are watching and that the content we hope to promote sometimes gets squashed under an algorithm. That said, because this is based primarily on promotion through individual networks the results may be more promising than those we see on an organization page.

Just a few musings on another interesting tool that can help change the world. At Frakture, we believe you should be free to try any new technology that can get you closer to your goals. There are a lot out there to try…

If you have used Thunderclap or have any thoughts please share and comment below!