The Humans are Hiring a Bot Deployment Specialist

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Frakture, Inc., is hiring a Bot Deployment Specialist to help our clientele of nonprofits and agencies solve cutting-edge data challenges. If you’ve got some familiarity with nonprofit software systems and databases, you might just be the perfect person to join our team!

Frakture is a small and nimble technology firm which helps NGOs become nimbler, too. Our bots automate data processes that most organizations currently have to do painstakingly by hand or not at all. We’re not talking about just integrations: we mean warehousing, business intelligence, process automation, cross-system analysis. When you join Frakture you’ll be reshaping the sector’s whole data landscape, customer by forward-thinking customer.

Our Bot Deployment Specialist works where the users meet the bots: maybe you’re a helpdesk person with a technical bent, or maybe you’re an engineer who likes to get some customer face time. Either way, you’ll be ready to help new users launch on Frakture bots that talk to their various systems, and to help keep them happy as their data needs evolve. It’s perfect for a crafty up-and-comer who’s had a little taste of nonprofit tech and wants to make that a BIG taste; with Frakture, you’ll gain expertise on dozens of softwares, conquer a wide variety of data challenges, and have a chance to shine in the sector.


* Stand up new clients on Frakture services all the way from requirements gathering to bot configuration to command-line data manipulation.

* Troubleshoot and reply to customer support inquiries.

* Document bot features for audiences both internal (current and future colleagues) and external (end users and potential users).

* Help our developers fine-tune malfunctions and build out new features, whether by exacting documentation of technical needs, or even by hands-on bot coding of your own.


Everyone’s skill set is a little different. If this job gets your juices flowing, we want you to get in touch and blow us away no matter what your exact background might be. But here are a few of the things we picture for our new teammate:

Put these Bots to work -- come work at Frakture as our Bot Deployment Specialist!* Outstanding written and verbal communication prowess. Can we count on you to be the human face of the bots?

* A talent for self-direction. We’re a small team in an evolving niche; are you at home managing and triaging your workload on your own initiative?

* Creative problem-solving. Can you translate a customer’s desire (or her description of a pain point) into an operational solution, then hone in on failure points and spin up creative workarounds when needed?

* Some hands-on familiarity with software products widely used in the nonprofit sector. We don’t expect you to know all of them walking in the door (although you might well know them all by the time you walk out the door) … but if you’ve used at least a couple of these systems in your time you’ve gota good base:
-CRMs and supporter platforms like Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salesforce, Blue State Digital, ActionKit, Classy, and EveryAction
-Donor databases like Raiser’s Edge, Team Approach, ROI Solutions, and DonorDrive
-Mobile platforms like Mobile Commons, Phone2Action, and Hustle
-Reporting systems like Tableau, Power BI, Slemma, and Google Data Studio
-“Best of breed” niche tools like MailChimp, Eventbrite, Stripe, and AdRoll

* Ideally, you can rock some command-line SQL or even have some programming chops. But don’t bin your application if you don’t quite meet our dream; just be game to learn on the job with us once you get here!

To apply, please send a message and your resume to: Frakture, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.  Position is based in Washington, DC with teleworking available.

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