The Frakture Delta Cohort

The Frakture Delta Cohort

We’re currently recruiting interested organizations for our next Frakture cohort, Delta. A Cohort is a set of organizations with similar problems that fit where Frakture is in our roadmap. After the fantastic support of our first Cohort, our Chatter Bots, Data Bots, Worker Bots, and a handful of CRM Bots are well in place as is the reporting infrastructure, daily briefing emails, scheduling infrastructure and databases. We’re now comfortable with Frakture as an infrastructure for live use as it has already been intensively tested and refactored based on feedback from our initial cohort. Now, we’re looking to recruit more organizations and brands to our Delta Cohort that use a variety of systems and channels that are running fairly sophisticated marketing programs and looking for deeper insight into their programs, optimization of their marketing resources, and the clearest picture into how all of their channels work together to drive engagement.

That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped developing, though! The Delta cohort is one of the last groups that can have significant impact on major components of the Frakture Bots, and so we’re looking for the best and brightest marketers and organizers to make the final tweaks matter.

What does it mean to be a part of the cohort? It means you’ll get all kinds of special attention, the ability to create a customized interface for your organization and you’ll pay no configuration fees (for Bots already built). In exchange? A bit of time, your thoughtful feedback and a willingness to create a case study with us to show off how awesome the platform is.

The ideal Delta cohort organization is one with a midsize to large communications/marketing team, familiar with A/B testing, analytics, and high volume reporting across multiple channels….. yet without the time or expertise to do it all perfectly. Contact us: