The Bots have Arrived.


The Bots have Arrived.

We started Frakture as a marketing data analytics company. But as we started working with organizations and companies, we realized that the teams we were working with fell into one of two categories:

  • A) They knew that data was important, but there was a bigger return on their invested time setting up all the critical communication channels correctly. It was much more tangible to figure out how to efficiently target Google ads than to try to learn (or hire) a data modeling expert, for example.
  • B) Or, they had people who were very smart about data, but those people were spending 90% of their time moving files around, pulling data out of systems, and mashing them together, and very limited time actually doing analysis.

Looking at these problems made us realize that marketing analytics didn’t suffer only from a Knowledge deficit, but that it also critically suffered from a Time deficit. And it’s getting worse. There’s more and more ways to communicate with people, and more and more data coming back.

What everyone needed was an army. An army of domain experts for each communication channel, and experts in data analysis. An army that can work with each team to do a lot of the time consuming work, and some of the advanced analysis work — and let the teams focus on being creative, and making good, informed, decisions.

And so we welcome the Frakture Bots – your Engagement Army. Stay tuned as we go into detail on each of the different categories of Bots, and how they coordinate with your team to multiply your reach, and deliver you the analytics you need — finally.