The 5 Major Benefits of Adding Curation to Your Content Strategy

The 5 Major Benefits of Adding Curation to Your Content Strategy

Got what it takes to attract the right people to your content across your communication channels, capture their interest, and keep them coming back?

Here are our top five reasons to consider adding curation to your content and engagement strategy:

1) Reduce Time & Cost

Producing enough content, producing engaging content, and doing it all within a 24-hour news cycle and within a budget is no small feat. The Curation Squad streamlines the ingestion, optimization and production of relevant content — helping you work smarter instead of harder.  We work hand in hand (even if it’s a bot hand) with your communications and marketing teams to help you free up resources.

Curation Squad turns your curated content into status updates for your social networks,  and helps drive readers and supporters to your site and seizes  the public conversation. You can also use your top curated content to enhance other communication channels like a weekly newsletter.

By offering innovative technical solutions and services, we can significantly reduce your content management and production budget – oftentimes freeing up multiple staff positions.

2) Expand your Digital Footprint & Reach New Audiences

A consistent stream of useful, relevant content will make readers much more likely to subscribe to your feeds and newsletters, providing you with additional touch points that drive traffic and new potential supporters, customers or donors.

Through social sharing, topic-related search results, and manual sharing of curated content, the number of potential entry points to your site increases exponentially.


3) Improve your SEO and website performance

SEO performance is driven by many elements, but one of the most important is fresh, relevant content.

In addition, a curation strategy can help improve your SEO performance by:

 Optimizing for keywords. The content you curate around your chosen topic will automatically include the most popular search terms within your area of interest. The quantity of references to those key terms across a wide range of content will help boost your search standings.

 Increasing the frequency of updates. Curated sites are typically updated on a regular basis. Search engines actively reward up-to-date sites by indexing them more often than less current ones.

 Increasing the opportunity for inbound links. As readers discover the value of your content, they will link to you as a trusted resource. In addition, sources you’ve curated may link back to you.

4) Help you Find What’s Working

The Curation Squad uses Frakture’s robust analytics engine that will deliver the most relevant stats and reports to help you measure engagement as it’s happening across your communication channels so you can find what works for your audience.

Each time you select, frame and share content with the Curation Squad, the analytics engine provides you with reports that will help you improve your next round of content sharing. Repeating this process over time will lead to an ever-improving quality of content sharing, a deepening of the engagement with your audience and an improvement in your credibility and persuasiveness.

5) Encourage Long-term Engagement

An effective curation strategy encourages repeat visits to your site and social media channels. However, beyond clicks and visits, it can help encourage engagement. By making it easier to find useful content, the Curation Squad gives you more time to repackage the content with compelling message framing. The better your accompanying message, the more the content you share will serve your goals and deepen your relationships.