Start-Up Land: I'm Back!

by April Pedersen

I never thought I’d be doing this again, but I’ve decided to take the leap yet again and join Chris as the co-founder of Frakture.

I’ll admit, after spending much of the past decade on the rollercoaster ride that was DemocracyInAction, WiredForChange, and Salsa Labs with Chris, I welcomed a break. How nice it would be to come home and tell the other about our day, we thought. But, as Chris really started to develop the idea, he got me hooked. We started to strategize, develop ideas for different market segments, brainstorm naming conventions, and the magic of the Start-Up all started to come back to me. I love this stuff! And, we came to the conclusion that we’re better together. We have perfectly complimentary skills and talents. So here we are, starting anew. Fresh, clear-sighted, and ready to put all the wisdom we’ve gained from both our successes and failures to good use.

Part of what hooked me on the idea of Frakture was that it could be applied not only in the corporate world, but it really needs to be applied in the nonprofit universe as well. Who doesn’t want better insight into their data to make large-scale marketing (or outreach) easier, more efficient, and more effective. That is what Frakture is all about: a platform that integrates data management, analysis, prediction and modeling, and message production, fronted by a touch-screen and mobile interface.

Across the spectrum, there’s a huge gap between what companies and nonprofits are doing across different marketing channels, and what they should be doing. Knowing what to focus on is difficult. There’s a number of reasons: too much data to crunch through; data lives in too many places; too many different channels; insufficient analysis; insufficient modeling and prediction; and, of course, too much time to do all these things.  I believe a number of these are solvable using methods just coming to the fore, and Frakture will be the integrated platform solve them.

Frakture’s target market is entities with marketing budgets over $1M; messaging lists of people greater than 100K; and the consultant and media firms serving them.  These folks are the smart, savvy, experienced marketers who always need more time to run experiments, crunch data, and optimize campaigns.   My hope is that someday we’ll also be in a position to offer the same technology to smaller groups — access to the most sophisticated technology is still important to me.

We’ve got a prototype, and already are in discussions with several high-profile consulting firms eager to get their hands on product. In additional to investing our own capital, we’re starting a seed round of funding now, targeting $750K – $1M across 5-10 investors. We’ll close the round May 15th and focus on building out the technology and working closely with a few beta clients.

Chris and I have always believed that the right technology in the right hands could really make a difference. Frakture is the next logical step. It’s beyond CRM, beyond data intelligence. Some use the term Analytics 2.0 (great article on this), but I prefer to think of it in more simple terms: insight and action. Some new marketing technologies out there give you visualization. Some give you intelligence. But none offer the ability to act intelligently. Frakture does. Math eats Marketing, baby!

I’m really, really excited to be back in start-up land. Let me know if you’re interested or know someone who may be in getting in the ground level! Stay tuned for our official launch in the coming months. You can sign up for email updates here; and follow us here: and here.