Shall we Console you? Our New UI is Launching!

Shall we Console you? Our New UI is Launching!

We’re launching a user interface!  While most of the groups we work with value the “just gets it done” aspect of Bots, over the last year we’ve realized that there is a lot of value in visualizing your whole data environment — your CRMs, your email and mobile providers, your online ads, your automated data flows, your universes and segments.

As such, we’ve spent some time putting together a fancy new user interface that our clients can dig around in.  We focused on three major areas:

  • Displaying a visual model of all your systems, and how they connect to each other
  • Visualizing the millions of rows of data passing through your warehouse, via standard Dashboards and full record by record details
  • Monitoring and initiating Frakture jobs to track data moving between places

So there’s top level system overviews for managers, process monitoring and initiation for your operations teams, and detailed data for all the folks who like bits and bytes (and bots :).

We’re calling it the Frakture Console.  (Which sounds a bit like your mum when you break a leg, but hey, we’re sticking with it).  Want a couple screenshots?  Check out this exclusive preview!:



The launch party has already been partied (thank you everyone who came — we had a blast!), and we’re deploying these coming weeks to each of our existing clients.  We’re also having an open webinar Touring Frakture’s Console for clients, and soon-to-be clients as well.




So sign up to the webinar, or fire us an email and let’s get Consoling!