Ready for a Marketing Metamorphosis? A Call for Applications

By April Pedersen

We are very excited to announce that we are now actively recruiting organizations to be part of our first client cohort: an initial set of groups that will use Frakture as early adopters with the ability to help shape the product and get ahead of the marketing metamorphosis.

After months of product development, we’re ready to start iterating with an elite group that will be part of what we’re calling our “Gamma Cohort”. Geeky enough for you?

Sign up here.

If you’re ready to start profiting from smart data, elegant visualizations, and actionable intelligence to help you get meaningful engagement with your customers or supporters, this could be your opportunity to get in on the ground level with a brand new software to help you do this.

Frakture will aggregate your data from each of your marketing channels (i.e. your CRM, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Direct Mail, Google Analytics, Online Ads; etc.) into a single database and create interactive, customizable dashboards that allow you to connect to the data that matters most to you and delivered on the device of your choice. It will also allow you to interact with that data from inside the platform to help with targeting, testing, and message production.

Sound interesting? Fill out this simple application.

There are some prerequisites for being part of the first cohort.

  • Contact list of >100K individuals;
  • Minimum $1M Marketing and/or Outreach/Acquisition Budget;
  • Collects and Analyzes Data from a minimum of 5 channels;
  • Has a person dedicated to data analytics (i.e. data scientist, quants, runs regressions);
  • Has a CMO or VP, Marketing in charge of allocating marketing budget;
  • Knows that data matters and cares deeply about ROI and testing.

We are looking for 5-10 firms across the spectrum of corporate, political, nonprofit, media consulting firms to participate in the “Gamma Cohort” of organizations that will use the product and provide feedback to be incorporated before the official launch.

We look forward to working with you!