Frakture is Automation

Too many platforms, too little time.  That’s the core of Frakture — building Bots and infrastructure to coordinate and automate your existing enterprise systems.  We group our product into three major areas:

Frakture Bots

Frakture Bots know enterprise platforms.  They know how to pull and push people, transactions, messaging, reporting, statistics from dozens of different systems.  They clean and standardize data, they coordinate to solve complex processes, they send notifications and messages – thousands of individual tasks that typically humans would have to do.


A massively scalable database where cleaned, regularly updated data from the Bots lives. The Warehouse coordinates the data and information from all your platforms, with tables and views designed to be useful for a number of different situations.  You can use the Warehouse as a core element of a reporting suite, as a base for your custom scripts and work, or use it to power a full product line backed by standardized Frakture data.


Whether you choose to use your own reporting tool plugged into the Warehouse, such as Tableau, PowerBI, Slemma, etc;  or choose to use some of our standard dashboards; Frakture Bots and Warehousing provides a critical base of data for true cross-channel attribution and reporting.  With all your data cleaned and structured for quality reporting, and your reporting infrastructure completely automated, you can turn your teams to amazing strategic and creative efforts.