A Data Warehouse...

A massively scalable database with data from all the platforms you use:
  • CRMs, Social Media, Email, Direct Mail, etc
  • People, Messages, Transactions, Statistics
  • Standardized, cleaned, and optimized for targeting and reporting
  • Natively works with dozens of reporting and modeling suites, or use our standard dashboards

    Learn more about warehouses from Wikipedia
  • ... managed by Bots

    Don't do all the work yourself. Frakture Bots already know how to work with dozens of enterprise platforms
  • Pull and push people, transactions, messaging, and statistics
  • Clean and standardize data across channels
  • On demand and scheduled jobs
  • Tracks job status, completion, performance, and amount of data transferred
  • Error notifications and monitoring
  • Regularly upgraded when platforms release new versions


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