Let's face it, data silos have made data work fractured.

So many channels and data sources have created a chaotic mess. Fast, reliable cross-channel reporting and analytics is a pipe dream for even the most sophisticated organizations.

The problem

You need more hours in the day to accomplish it all. And, thanks to rapid innovation in technology and new systems being used, this problem is only increasing.

Frakture Bots populate your data warehouse and then the possibilities are endless!

The Result

  • Interactive Cross-Channel Reporting Dashboards: Measure your engagement as its happening across dozens of channels. See dashboards for transactions, email performance, donor engagement and more. Get beautiful, useful reports and dashboards on multiple devices.
  • Significant Time Savings: Bots can dramatically increase your productivity and will make you appear like you've got an army of specialists added to your team. Best of all, the Bots don't make data mistakes, work around the clock and Frakture takes care of them!
  • Maximize ROI: Stop waiting for results. Find out your fundraising results daily.
  • Technology Choice: Because the Bots can pass data between many systems, we free you up to choose best of breed software for any given channel - email, advocacy, payment processing, donation pages and more. No need to sacrifice features because Frakture will sync the people across systems.

See? No magic ponies. Just smart bots that work with smart people to get data jobs done.

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