You’ve got lots of data, and lots of platforms. Bots can help.

You used to get by with a CRM and a website. Now you’ve got to do email, social media, SMS, peer to peer, Apple Pay, Amazon payments, etc, etc, etc.

Frakture Bots gather, clean, and store your data into a warehouse — which allows for better reporting, better targeting, and cheaper experiments.

Automated Reporting & Targeting

Frakture Bots reliably aggregate & standardize data from all your platforms & push updated targeting data daily- kicking out reports where you need them, leaving you to focus on awesome fundraising.

Try Something New

We know that you need to be in digital, online ads, mobile, social media, and whatever comes next. Google Ads, Tableau, Twitch, Hustle, etc.... Frakture Bots know 'em, so we can help you experiment & get there faster.

Best of Breed

Use the best tools available for fundraising, or communications, or advocacy -- and trust they'll work together. Better yet, try some head-to-head against each other -- the Bots will let you compare apples to apples.

Multi-Channel Attribution

With new channels comes new tracking. Attribute attention and gifts to where they came from -- online, offline, or other. Know what's effective ... know what matters.

Data Hygiene

Deduplicate, merge, clean, track unsubscribes, GDPR, etc. Bots keep your data clean and ready to use, regardless of the platform you're using.

Raw SQL Access

See all your client data in one place, with full access to the data regardless of where it came from. No more manual data loading .... friends don't let their DBA's do grunt work.

Case Studies

Have you ever had the experience of trying a new product and once you experienced it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it? That’s what Amnesty International is experiencing right now. With Frakture, useful, actionable and accurate data is available quickly, automated reporting and data management is saving staff hours upon hours of work and they are now digging deeper into their data.

The non-profit SOS Children’s Villages wanted to build an email welcome series for its’ supporters, but technical issues and cost had always gotten in the way. With Frakture’s help they are now following best practices in digital communications and able to immediately communicate with new supporters interested in their work.