Introducing: Production Squad!

Introducing: Production Squad!

Getting your message out is becoming more and more difficult. The number of channels on which you can communicate has exploded and each channel has its own format, frequency and tone. As marketing becomes more sophisticated, communications teams are expected to move beyond single message campaigns and into highly targeted and tested messaging to find what works best to engage your audience. Oftentimes, the expectation doesn’t come with a corresponding increase in staff. And, it’s becoming even more complex with the emergence of new channels and the increasing sophistication of existing channels.

Introducing the third major component of Frakture: Production Squad!

A Squad is a set of bots (and sometimes people) organized to solve a specific business problem — in this case, content production. While bots are good at running very specific tasks, a Squad solves challenges that encompass many different systems and technologies. Each bot, whether it be a Data Bot, a Channel Bot, or a Worker Bot, has its specific part to play in the Squad, and they coordinate their efforts via the orders you issue in the Frakture system.

The Production Squad is an army of Bots dedicated to helping you get the message out the door controlled by an interface that lets you focus on the message, not the execution. With the Production Squad, you can compose and coordinate every message that you send out, unifying your efforts across different campaigns and channels — including your blog, social and email. Since your Bot Army understands the intricacies of each interface and channel, you’re freed up to focus on creating relevant, compelling content.

The Production Squad helps close the loop between analytics, message composition and delivery. By ensuring that the content you produce is correctly coded and tracked, you avoid the problems of dirty data in your reports. And with the tight integration with the Business Intelligence Squad, you get in-depth reporting immediately – delivered in a format that lets you intelligently allocate resources to the channel that is being the most effective. Better data = better targeting and messaging = higher engagement levels.

By tracking all outbound messaging, the Production Squad can also help coordinate campaigns. Rather than being reactive during the course of a campaign, you can compose and queue up messages ahead of time, have them approved and scheduled and have the Bots deliver them at the right moment.  No matter the channel.

It’s time to stop sweating the small stuff and managing your content marketing campaigns with ten different browser windows open. There are Bots for that!