Introducing: Integration Squad!

Introducing: Integration Squad!

Today, we’re introducing Frakture’s very first “Squad”: Integration Squad! What is a “Squad”, you ask? A Squad is a set of bots (and sometimes people) organized to solve a specific business problem. While bots are good at running very specific tasks, a Squad solves challenges that encompass many different systems and technologies. Each bot, whether it be a Data Bot, a Channel Bot, or a Worker Bot, has its part to play in the Squad, and they coordinate their efforts via the tacmeds orders you issue in the Frakture system.

The Integration Squad is the first of a series of Squads that we’ll be launching over the coming months. As Chris Lundberg wrote in the last post Integrate: Everything, integration is the foundation of Frakture and the premise on which our platform was built. Right now, if you’re part of an organization or business, you’re probably using a half dozen different systems: databases-of-record, online messaging systems, statistics and reporting, online CRM, payments or fundraising systems, event management, social media; etc. The explosion of communications channels means the number of systems in use is only going up and most likely will for the foreseeable future.

If your organization or company is like most, the synchronization between these systems is time consuming, error prone, or completely lacking. You hear all this noise about the importance of being “Data Driven” and you can’t even get a handle on all the places your data lives! You’re probably trying to get a full 360 degree view of your supporters and customers, but you end up spending all your time trying to move your data around via spreadsheets and files, and then have no time left over to do the analysis you really want.

Enter: Integration Squad.

Integration Squad (a unique set of bots we’ve developed) is designed to help you solve these problems. It’s a revolutionary way to:

  • Task and coordinate Channel Bots to dig into your existing systems and databases, and synchronize contacts and transactions
  • Extract information, summarize it, and push it to your reporting systems (even better, use Frakture’s reports!) with our Data Bots
  • Move files and data amongst different vendors with our Worker Bots
  • Schedule and notify your team for anything that requires human intervention
  • Create standard, reliable processes that make sure your data is in sync and available when (and where!) you need it

Integration Squad makes all the other Squads (coming soon!) possible. Once your data from all your channels is in one place, just imagine the possibilities.