Introducing: Business Intelligence Squad!

Introducing: Business Intelligence Squad!

As a follow up to the Integration Squad released last week, the Business Intelligence Squad is a natural next step.

When we realized that data and systems integration were the necessary foundation of Frakture, the result would give us a never before imaginable insight into our data — our people — and make advanced analytics and reporting possible. For many of the groups we work with, it’s making it possible for the first time. Once our Integration Squad gets a handle on all the various places your data lives and gets it all talking to each other in one place, getting to that coveted 360 degree view of your supporters and customers is now, finally, possible!

A Squad is a set of bots (and sometimes people) organized to solve a specific business problem — in this case, Business Intelligence. While bots are good at running very specific tasks, a Squad solves challenges that encompass many different systems and technologies. Each bot, whether it be a Data Bot, a Channel Bot, or a Worker Bot, has its specific part to play in the Squad, and they coordinate their efforts via the orders you issue in the Frakture system.

The BI Squad transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information that you can then make actionable by informing your engagement strategies. Whether for broad overviews and dashboards of key performance numbers, cross channel metrics, or detailed per-channel statistics and numbers, the BI Squad pulls and composes data from all your different systems.

Dynamic charts and graphs make it easy to dig into the data to find more information, and allow you to pull back well formatted data for even further analysis. If it involves numbers, the BI Squad can extract it, format it, slice and dice it and present it.

The BI Squad makes it finally possible to:

— Get advanced real-time analytics: Measure your engagement as it’s happening, across dozens of different channels

— Track customer and donor performance to calculate previously difficult metrics, such as lifetime cross-channel value based on source

— Integrate demographic information from multiple independent databases. Want to track performance by gender? Or interest? No problem.

— Get a handle on your ROI: find out what’s working in which channels based on how much you’re putting in, and where to put it next.

— Get beautiful, useful reports and dashboards on multiple devices