Hiring: Chief Liaison

Hiring: Chief Liaison


Frakture is looking for a Chief Liaison to join our DC-based start-up team. This could be a great opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who would be excited to get in at the ground-level of a start-up working in some of the hottest fields in tech: Cross-channel Marketing Analytics, Content Marketing & Curation, Automation and Integration-as-a-Service. 

While Frakture isn’t solely focused on the there nonprofit sector (the platform is generally applicable to marketers), it’s the space we come from and love dearly and we’ll continue to serve. As many of our initial clients are amazing nonprofits (who have been doing engagement marketing long before it became in vogue in the corporate world!), we’d like to find someone with experience in the nonprofit sector who is passionate about helping organizations move and engage their audiences with the most cutting-edge technologies.

As we’re a start-up, we are looking for an exceptional self-starter who is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades type and not afraid to jump in whenever/wherever necessary to help the company grow and our clients succeed.

“Chief Liaison” Short Description:

The Chief Liaison is part project manager, part client success manager. You will be the Liaison between the Clients and Engineers and between the Clients and their Frakture Army (of BOTS!). You’ll be responsible for organizing, leading and managing projects from inception to completion, which are typically the configuration of Frakture for large organizations using many systems (CRM, email, mobile, social, custom databases, etc) with lots of moving parts.  You’ll be accountable for capturing and managing scope, timelines, and budget of assigned client projects and function as a central point of contact for all project related information. While no programming skills are necessary, candidates must be able to translate client needs and requests (mainly related to their analytics) into actionable items for programmers. Candidates should also have a very firm grasp of organizing and/or marketing at scale for large organizations dealing with hundreds of thousands of supporters/customers/donors. This is a DC-based position for at least an initial 6-mo period.

Interested? info@frakture.com