Frakture Welcomes a Human from the 305 to the 202

Frakture Welcomes a Human from the 305 to the 202

At the beginning of the month, Frakture welcomed Khalil Jolibois as our Bot Deployment Specialist. We’re particularly thrilled to have him join us because our client base is growing quickly and many clients want Frakture deployed immediately after they sign up. With Khalil that future is getting closer! 

We’re also excited to have him part of the team because he is a fast learner, is teaching us Haitian Creole, and is funny. You should have seen his cover letter, he wrote it as a SQL query.

Here are some initial thoughts about DC and Frakture from Khalil.

Moving cities twice in one year sounds crazy to most people but I’m enjoying it immensely. I moved from my hometown Miami to Atlanta to DC all in one 12 month span. Luckily for me, I come from an immigrant family that has spread its diaspora far and wide (I have cousins in Ciudad de Mexico, Port-Au-Prince, Montreal, Paris, Pointe-A-Pitre, Miami and New York), and so I have learned how to pack light and adjust fast. I am a self-taught technologist with a background in political science. I recently joined the Frakture team and am looking forward to exploring the nonprofit technology space and the DMV area.

How I learned to love the error message.

Working with technology requires a great deal of patience because something inevitably goes wrong. A million questions run through your mind. Did I make a mistake? Did the software make a mistake? Did someone else’s software make a mistake? It can be exhausting.  Paradoxically, it is comforting to know something was your fault, because it means that you can fix the problem without bringing anyone else in. At Frakture, the software I work with is so well made that I can usually eliminate the software failure option, retrace my steps and fix it quickly, without fuss or stress.

Working for a Purpose.

Reading through the Frakture interface often cheers me up and puts a pep in my step. We work with great organizations like Amnesty International USA, Union of Concerned Scientists, PBS and more. When I’m dragging in the afternoon, knowing that my work is helping make the world a better place is more effective than the Cuban cafecitos I get back home.

The Mission.

My favorite basketball player growing up was 4 time defensive player of the year Ben Wallace. He was extraordinarily good at all of the monotonous, tedious tasks and helped his teammates focus their energies on the other aspects of the game. Together they achieved greatness. At Frakture I get to be Ben Wallace x 1,000. I get to automate the vitally important monotonous tasks that our clients hate to do and free them to concentrate their energies on the tasks they love to do. This way we all get to achieve greatness together. There’s no hall of fame for workflow automation, but if there was I feel confident saying the Frakture Bots would flood the podium.