Find Your Common Ingredients

Find Your Common Ingredients


By Kathy Powers

Who doesn’t like fresh fruit salad in the summer – when the berries are ripe and the melon is crisp? I like to add a little coconut milk and shredded coconut to give it a tropical flair. Pineapple is essential. My mother swears by canned mandarin oranges. Everyone has their own unique recipe but there are almost always some standby ingredients that are the same across all recipes. Fruit, for instance, that is in every fruit salad.

Reports from your many communications channels are like different recipes with unique ingredients and their own composition – and some commonalities – how do you pinpoint the common threads? At Frakture, we separate all of the pineapple bits from your many communications and report on the whole pineapple in a manner of speaking. The same goes for your apples and your oranges.

The Frakture Metrics

We often hear people ask how we track metrics across platforms when all of their communications channels seem to render data differently. The answer is simple. We track 5 metrics that are the same across channels – and that are essential for you to measure message performance.

Impressions – This number reflects how many people actually had the opportunity to see your message.

Interactions – Of those who had the opportunity to see your message, how many opened or clicked on it?

Actions – How many actions were taken in response to the message – non-revenue actions – such as registrations.

Transactions – How many transactions were made in response to the message and how much revenue was the result?

Cost – If you provide this information we can roll in cost so that you can better understand ROI and make the best decisions about how and where to spend your budget.

These may be called ‘shares’ in one place, ‘retweets’ in another and ‘forwards’ somewhere else. There may be no mechanism for transactions in one platform but Frakture can link well-coded messages back to your overall revenue.

The ‘special recipe’ of each platform suddenly begins to make sense alongside other recipes. When you look at the ingredients (in their metrics) and simply say ‘hey, wait, that’s pineapple isn’t it?’ and start putting the pineapples in one place, you can start seeing the big picture. Those are your Frakture metrics.

Keep sampling different fruit salad ingredients; there are so many amazing tools out there to help you succeed. What we deliver is a way for you to take a step back and look at the essential ingredients in your communications to help you succeed.

Perfect your recipe today and contact us for a demo.