Federated Organizations

[lvca_heading heading=”You’ve got a lot of moving parts. Let Bots coordinate them all.” short_text=”Federated organizations — whether they be chapters, affiliates, stations, or other — have to deal with dozens of independent operations, often each with their own politics, and technology challenges. Bots are perfect for moving data where it needs to be, to keep everyone swimming in the same direction.”]
Consolidated Reporting
Automatically gather data from dozens of affiliates, for your own reporting (and theirs!)
Synchronizing Contacts
Move contact data between multiple disparate CRM's and platforms, to keep all your affiliates in sync.
Rapid Tech Deployment
Deploy new technology platforms to your affiliates, letting the Bots do the heavy lifting of data management.
Direct SQL Access
Give your technology team direct access to data from each affiliate, to build your own modeling and reporting.