Why do I need Frakture?

Frakture will eliminate the human errors involved in moving large amounts of data and save yourself tons of time with manual data manipulation, we should talk.

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse, data lake and data mart are all names for basically the same thing.  It’s a central place to store all of your data.

What is a Bot?

For the non techie among us, just think of it as a robot in your computer that automates things. A Bot is really good at routine data jobs such as every day downloading a transaction file, sorting, filtering and appending source codes.  Bots are really good at highly repetitive data jobs, but they aren’t very good at jobs that require a human brain. They also aren’t magic, but sometimes they seem that way.  Bots specialize in people, transaction and messaging data.

How do the Bots access systems?

There are three ways that Frakture’s Bots access systems. Our preferred method is to do a direct database read. Our secondary method is to use an existing API. If neither of those methods are available, the Bots are trained to log into the user interface.

Our IT Team is asking about data security. Is Frakture secure?

Frakture uses Amazon Web Services for hosting and we never commingle client data, each client gets their own warehouse.  If you want more details, please ask for our security statement.

Can you automate data coming in from Google Analytics (or X system)?  

Yes. We have Bots for over 40 end-point systems and we’re building new Bots every week.

I see you have Bots for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Can you tell me the social media handles of the people on my email list?

No, this is not something Frakture offers, there are other companies who specialize in that. Frakture’s Bots  are great at pulling down ad data from these platforms.

How do you work with Tableau, PowerBI, Wave, Slemma, Google Data Studios or other data visualization tools?

If you use one of these tools you’re probably intimately familiar with the work that goes into preparing data.  Frakture can do all that work so you can spend all your time analyzing and gaining insights from the data.   If you need help setting up the visualization tool and making the reports look pretty, that’s where you can hire Frakture’s Humans to help. Here’s a relevant blog post.

This sounds awesome, how fast is implementation?

That’s a great question and simplest answer is that it depends. The first step is for you to give Frakture access to your systems.  Then, Frakture’s Bots will log in and push data into the warehouse.  At this point, all your data is in the warehouse and you have full SQL access to it. Then, if we haven’t already, we’ll have a call to go over the details of the data Frakture will set up table

What problems are you solving for clients?

  • We’re reconciling transactions from multiple sources and preparing the file to be uploaded into a finance system.
  • We’re cleaning, deduping and providing CASS standardization. These jobs run nightly so you list is always up to date.
  • For our agency clients, we’re automating their client reporting and allowing them to spend more time looking at the data!

How much does Frakture cost?

Frakture starts at $1,000/month for nonprofits, see our pricing page for more details. Please ask about pricing for agencies or companies.