Dear Marketers: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Dear Marketers: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There are Bots for That!

By April Pedersen

Let me quickly remind you how overwhelming the marketing and communications landscape has become. Here and here – absurdity! How are we ever supposed to keep up with the latest technologies and tactics to reach and engage people?

It’s become a soup of details. If you don’t turn every one on your marketing/outreach team into a growth hacker, you’re doing something wrong. If you don’t know the dozens of different marketing concepts developed, discarded, or buzzed about in any given month, you’re left out in the cold. It’s a symptom of thousands of companies with dozens of similar ideas fighting to make money off of eyeballs in novel ways. Each of which loves to define new terms so they can lay claim to a unique swath of those eyeballs, and driven by capitalistic forces to stand out above the crowd.

But humanity hasn’t changed, and the basic core of communication has not been genetically evolved out of us. It’s still about a small handful of people, communicating to a large number of people, through different channels, and often saying slightly different things to different segments of people. All the rest of it is just nomenclature.

The challenge is someone has to think about all those terminologies and artificial acronyms. Well, or maybe someTHING has to consider the details of format, delivery mechanism, integration, targeting, etc. Why does it have to be human? I mean, honestly, it’s not like there exists any one person who is completely versed in the thousands of communication technologies and channels out there. We all make do with the subset we think is the most valuable.

So, because we think marketing technology should make people’s lives easier instead of more complicated, we’ve developed Bots to consider all those different acronyms and technologies. Our Bots help you turn your team of 5 into a team of 50, versed in all the latest and greatest communication techniques and channels.

Obviously, there are things that our Bots can’t do. We like to tell our clients that if a person can’t do it, a Bot can’t do it either. We like to think of them as highly technical interns. But Bots are no substitute for the most important parts of engagement marketing: really knowing your people and developing content that engages them, being creative and knowing what to do with the analytics that Bots are delivering. As David Brooks so eloquently wrote in his op-ed “What Machines Can’t Do”,

“The role of the human is not to be dispassionate, depersonalized or neutral. It is precisely the emotive traits that are rewarded: the voracious lust for understanding, the enthusiasm for work, the ability to grasp the gist, the empathetic sensitivity to what will attract attention and linger in the mind.”

The Bots free you up to do what you’re best at: developing message and communicating in a way that Bots can’t. Authentically.

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