Welcome to Frakture’s Console!

Now you will have a real-time view into all the activity Frakture’s Bots are doing on your behalf via Console.

You can see the data flows at a macro level via the map. Green lines mean that everything is good to go. Red indicates that there is an error report. Grey lines show inactive processes.

But, this is more than just the big picture. Console gives you the ability to drill down and see exactly how, where and when your data is moving. You’ll be able to pinpoint the last successful (or in the unlikely event – unsuccessful) data job, how many records were transferred and their status.

The data warehouse provides a single source for reporting and dashboarding your critical data. And Console now provides a data dictionary so your tech ninjas have all the information they need to advance those efforts.

And finally, Console does provide you with a set of standard dashboards for email, transactions, and more…

We’d love to show you all the exciting things that Frakture’s Console and Data Warehouse can do for your organization!