You Are Smart!

You rocked that project! You are really good at your job! You are amazing!  It feels so good to get...
Chris Lundberg

Highlights from #17NTC

Last month Frakture’s Bots and Humans attended the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference. We saw old friends, met many new, and were thrilled that there was so much buzz about Frakture’s...
Chris Lundberg

Automation and Data Warehousing (Great Webinar!)

On Tuesday, we had a blast sharing with an engaged group on what Frakture has been up to with Data Warehousing and Automation with Bots. Chris Lundberg, Frakture’s co-founder, touched on...
Chris Lundberg
Diagram of nonprofit data infrastructure that used to work.
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santa chilling out

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, This year I’m only asking for one thing. Will you please bring me a robot to help me with...
Chris Lundberg

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