Announcing the Curation Squad

Announcing the Curation Squad

curation-squad-no-paddingThe Curation Squad provides the technology to nonprofits and brands to aggregate, filter, frame and disseminate the best content to engage audiences. The Curation Squad, which works across all  your  communication channels, is backed with a powerful, real-time analytics engine that helps you find what really works.

Developing a sustainable content strategy is no small feat. Producing enough content, producing engaging content, and doing it all within a 24-hour news cycle and within a budget is a significant challenge for organizations and brands of all sizes.

Content curation helps you work smarter instead of harder.  We work hand in hand (even if it’s with a bot hand) with your communications team to help you free up resources, make you more efficient and effectively engage your audience. We automate what can be automated so you have more time to devote to things only a person can do.

The Curation Squad streamlines the ingestion, organization, optimization and production of relevant content by automating the gathering of content and providing an optimized user interface for filtering, framing and sharing that content. Equally important, however, is that the content you share is coupled with a a robust analytics engine. Our Bots will deliver the most relevant stats and reports to help you measure engagement so you can find the best way to engage people and advance your goals.

A well-honed sustainable content marketing and curation strategy can also vastly improve site traffic, social media engagement, search engine optimization, thought leadership and credibility; enabling you to reach, educate and mobilize new audiences.

Ultimately, our goal is to help organizations develop a sustainable strategy to engage people with meaningful, relevant and consistent content using the latest technology and the best data-driven strategic guidance.

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