While we have dozens of Bots, meet the key members of your army:

Data Bot: slices data, transposes it, scans it, analyzes it, runs calculations, regressions and basically anything else you can do with raw data

Channel Bot: Push and pull data from outside systems

Chatter Bot: Loves social data and thrives in the public free flow of conversation. Whether chatting on your behalf or reporting back on gossip, Chatter Bot keep you connected to what's going on now

Worker Bot: A utilitarian bot that helps you move files around, works with your file repositories, sends notifications and reminders & otherwise smooths the road for the other bots to do their work


Our Bots often work in Squads and in coordination with actual people to solve an actual business problem. You issue orders to your Bots such as: Help me pull my data from database of record, my social channels, and my bulk emailer. The Frakture interface helps you coordinate your effort with your Bots and team members. While new Squads are being built, the foundation of the Frakture system starts with these three:

Integration Squad

Right now, your brand is probably using a half dozen different systems: databases-of-record, online messaging systems, statistics and reporting, online CRM, payments or fundraising systems, event management, social media; etc. The synchronization between these systems is time consuming, error prone, or completely lacking. You hear all this noise about the importance of being “Data Driven” and you can’t even get a handle on all the places your data lives!

You’re probably trying to get a full 360 degree view of your supporters and customers, but you end up spending all your time trying to move your data around via spreadsheets and files, and then have no time left over to do the analysis you really want. Integration Squad to the rescue! Once your data from all your channels is in one place, just imagine the possibilities.

Production Squad

Focus on the message, not the execution. With the Production Squad, you can compose and coordinate every message that you send out, unifying your efforts across different campaigns and channels — including your blog, social and email. Since your Bot Army understands the intricacies of each interface and channel, you’re freed up to focus on creating relevant, compelling content. Production Squad not only saves you loads of time and reduces the learning curve of new platforms for your staff, it also reduces human error in the tracking of your content to help you get good, clean analytics at the end.

Business Intelligence Squad

Finally, with all your data integrated and messages properly coded and tagged, the Business Intelligence Squad can do its job and give you a never before imaginable insight into your data — your people — and make advanced analytics and reporting possible.

The BI Squad transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information that you can then make actionable by informing your engagement strategies. Whether for broad overviews and dashboards of key performance numbers, cross channel metrics, or detailed per-channel statistics and numbers, the BI Squad pulls and composes data from all your different systems.


Curation Squadcuration-squad-no-padding

The 4D Curation Squad streamlines the ingestion, organization, optimization and production of relevant content by automating the gathering of content and providing an optimized user interface for filtering, framing and sharing that content. Equally important, however, is that the content you share is coupled with a a robust analytics engine. Our Bots will deliver the most relevant stats and reports to help you measure engagement so you can find the best way to engage people and advance your goals.

A well-honed sustainable content marketing and curation strategy can also vastly improve site traffic, social media engagement, search engine optimization, thought leadership and credibility; enabling you to reach, educate and mobilize new audiences.